Wood Laminating Adhesives & Veneer Softeners

The PRO-GLUE line of wood adhesives and veneer softener products were specifically developed for the every day woodworker and woodworking professional. Our line includes wood laminating adhesives, wood veneering adhesives, plus veneer softener for conditioning veneer prior to application. Whatever your process, Pro-Glue products are superior for wood veneering, wood laminating and wood forming of curved components. Pro-Glue’s professional line of wood adhesives is perfect for gluing paper backed veneer and forming metal overlay products; plus our veneer softener does an excellent job of softening wood veneer for enhanced work ability.

The Pro-Glue product groups are:

  • Urea Resin Wood Glue – A modified per-catalyzed dry powder resin available in a light or dark color, activated by mixing the powder into water.
  • PVA High Performance Wood Adhesive – A high solids poly vinyl acetate, water base, cross-linking Type II water resistant glue that has an exceptionally rigid glue line.
  • Veneer Softener – Packaged in a ready-to-use formula with spray attachment, for making dry or brittle raw wood veneers flat and pliable.


  • Vacuum forming
  • Vacuum laminating
  • Wood forming
  • Wood laminating
  • Wood veneering
  • Veneer Softening

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