Should I Build it or Buy it ?

Why Cheap is Almost Always More Expensive Saving money is important, but spending money wisely with long-term benefit is more important.  Some items we buy may be cheaper upfront, but actually cost you more in the long run.  Spending more upfront for a better quality, longer-lasting product may be wiser.  Like my father used to

VacuClamp Delivers FPC-1000 to Jet Manufacturer

In 2013, VacuClamp was honored to receive a purchase order from private, custom jet manufacturer Dassault Falcon Jet.  We engineered, manufactured and ultimately delivered the FT800M, a heated membrane press that assisted the client with the successful forming and veneering of parts for aircraft manufacturing.  That press is still operation today however newer planes require

Pro-Glue PVA Easter Sale – $5 & $2 off

For your continued business & patronage, please enjoy a $5 discount on PVA 1 Gal & $2 discount on PVA 1 Qt.  Discount received at cart check out. We appreciate your business.

Vac-u-Clamp – Used Equipment

Business cycles often present circumstances where a owner operator desires to sell their older equipment back to the manufacturer.  Some want to upgrade an old FT-800 to newer faster FT-900 or perhaps the business is closing for retirement reasons.  Sometimes a people want to upgrads to a higher production FT-1200.  In these situations, Vac-u-clamp may

A Letter from the President

I’d like to introduce myself to you as the new President and CEO of Vac-u-Clamp (a Macow Pacific subsidiary).  I am very excited to be leading such a great company into the future and I look forward to collaborating with our customers to leverage new opportunities, to magnify our value solutions and innovation and grow

Thermo Foil Doesn’t Need to be Complex

While the FT 900 is an entry-level thermo-foil press, it is anything but basic. For example, new users will find a built-in tutorial on the touch screen that answer virtually any question they need to ask, and also supplies hints to simplify and control the process. And one if its most distinctive attributes is a