The History of Vac-U-Clamp

VAC-U-CLAMP is a company dedicated to the engineering and production of the highest quality vacuum presses in the world and is designed for the bonding, veneering, laminating and forming professional across all markets.  Started in 1985 in a production furniture environment, the company progressed through almost all stages of woodworking industry learning a little at each stop.  Over the years, the company discovered a need for that “special” tool or fixture that just wasn’t available unless it was made self made. After a while, the company realized that it was more fun creating tools that provided a solution.   Slowly they discontinued all furniture production to concentrate on making new tools and refining many of them to be offered to the trade.

The decision was made early to limit the section of products to tools powered by vacuum.  And so today, we produce a broad line of vacuum laminating and forming products that are used in industries far beyond the original market of the professional and hobbyist woodworkers.  Some of our most exciting applications are found in the aircraft, boating, space, window & doors, signage and education areas.  You can find Vac-u-Clamp products in over 23 countries from North and Central America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

In 2019, Macow Pacific Corp purchased Vac-u-clamp which entity continues to own and operate Vac-U-Clamp presently.   Mark Cowdell serves as President & CEO of Vac-u-Clamp and May Cowdell serves as Vice President.  Together they lead & direct the manufacturing, operations & company focus and priority.