FP = Folding Press = Saving Space in Your Shop

Simply put, one of the most unique vacuum presses on the market, the FP Series “flip top” vacuum table has all the same quality & craftsmanship as it’s sister press (the SP) except for one minor detail.  The FP can fold up to a vertical position and be pushed up against the wall for space savings in your shop.    Designed for wood veneering, laminating and wood forming, the FP is an excellent press for both piece and production work in small & large woodworking shops.   Made in Oceanside California with steel base & frame, oil cooled rotary vane vacuum pumps (-29.5 Hg), silicone or polyurethane membranes as needed, the FP is a true work of art on it’s own.  Available in 4×8 and 5×10 sizes (the 5×10 seems to be the most popular) membrane heights can be customized for deep or tall parts as needed.  Recently repriced at about $22,000.






Standard Sizes:

Size:  4’ X 8’
Working dimensions: 50” X 99”

Size:  5’ X 10’
Working dimensions: 63” X 123”

Custom Sizes Available – Call 888-342-8262