Veneer Bond Dry Urea Resin Wood Adhesive – Dark


Veneer Bond Dry Urea Resin Wood Adhesive – Dark

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PRO-GLUE VENEER BOND DRY UREA RESIN WOOD ADHESIVE: This wood glue is a modified pre-catalyzed dry powder urea resin that is prepared by mixing the powder into water. Once cured, it creates an extremely tough, rigid and waterproof glue line, and it is considered one of the choice type of wood laminating adhesives for laminating wood veneers, both exotic or domestic veneer plywood in most manufacturing plants across the Americas and Canada.

Among the many benefits of PRO-GLUE Veneer Bond Wood Adhesive is a cured rigid glue line that can be easily machined without “gumming up” the tools or sandpaper, a hard glue line minimizes “spring back” when laminating curved wood components together, and it can be colored or blended with the light urea resin to make glue lamination lines virtually disappear.  An important characteristic to consider with PRO-GLUE Veneer Bond Wood Adhesive – There are no solvents added, it is EPA compliant for low formaldehyde emissions, has no odor and is ideal for use on woodworking projects in homes, businesses in enclosed areas such as aircraft, yachts or closets where any residual gasses or smell would be objectionable. The glue will cure between 70° and 120° F, but the best cure occurs at 85° to 95° F (Use a simple bed heating blanket if needed). Coverage is approximately 8 sq/ft. per cup of dry resin powder before mixing into water. Use a respirator protection when mixing the fine powder into the water.

See *Detailed directions* for more information.
Size/Price Options:

  • 14 oz.  $15.00 each
  • 5 Lb Pail:  $48.00 each
  • 25 Lb Tub:  $172.00 each  (May be subject to an additional $20 Shipping Fee added to standard shipping rate)


  • Veneer Laminating
  • Vacuum forming
  • Vacuum laminating
  • Wood forming
  • Wood laminating
  • Wood veneering
  • forming of curved components,
  • gluing paper backed veneer
  • forming metal overlay products


  • Excellent for gluing solid wood lamination’s or gluing veneer with hot press, cold press and vacuum presses.
  • Long pot life and open face times.
  • A rigid glue line eliminating “spring back” or joint movement.
  • Fills minor voids in wood joinery and fill gaps in veneer joints.
  • No offensive odors.
  • Low formaldehyde content.
  • Waterproof and heat resistant bonds.
  • 12 month shelf life.
  • Machines and sands without “gumming up” tools or sandpaper.
  • Squeeze through or ‘glue spotting’ through the surface of veneer, sands off easily and will not affect staining or finishing.


General Performance Guides

  • 70° F- Pot Life: 3 hrs, Open time before clamping; 20 min, Clamp time; 12 hrs
  • 80° F- Pot Life:1.5 hrs, Open time before clamping; 15 min, Clamp time; 8 hrs
  • 90° F-   Pot Life: 30 min, Open time before clamping; 8 min, Clamp time; 5 hrs

Veneer Bond Dry Resin – Dark – MSDS