The SP Series Vacuum Press

The SP Series has been the flagship vacuum press for Vac-U-Clamp and users all over the USA for over 25 years.  Made by American hands, this versatile vacuum press is well suited for any woodworking shop with vacuum laminating/forming and veneering applications.  Designed with production, budget, durability and quality in mind, the S/P Series Press is available in standard sizes 4×8 and 5×10 and includes standard equipment such as oil-cooled, rotary vane vacuum pumps, heavy industrial grade aluminum, silicon membrane and a thick table & lower shelf.  Custom sizes are available also.  The SP Series vacuum press is a true workhorse for any pro woodwork shop, school or college, serious privateer or anxious novice; Not to be confused with the cheap overseas extruded aluminum tables that won’t last but a few years.

Available Sizes :

  • SP-8400 – 4’ x 8’ – working space 51”x 99” – On Sale now – $5,995.00
  • SP-10500 – 5’ x 10’ – working space 60”x 120” – On Sale now – $8,995.00
  • SP-12500 – 5’ x 12’ – working space 60”x 140” – On Sale now – $11,995.00

Custom sizes are available upon request.

SP Series Vacuum Presses – Our Work, Your Solution

  • Platens – made of 3/4” mdf laminated and edge banded.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame – welded, powder coated, strong & sexy.
  • 2 mm Silicone membrane – built to last.
  • Membrane Frame – air assisted lifting springs for ease of operation.
  • 120 or 220 VAC Oil cooled rotary vane vacuum pumps – producing -29″ Hg near absolute vacuum.
  • Casters or levelers
  • Lower shelf
  • Auxiliary vacuum port
  • Plug & Play – shipped completely set up and ready to work,  No assembly required.


Our full line of vacuum presses range from the “S/P” Series Vacuum Presses, which is our smallest vacuum press. Next is our mid-sized Cold Vacuum Press, which includes our “F” Series flip top vacuum presses. These are ideal for woodworking, wood forming and wood veneering.

Last we have our top of the line Heated/Cold Vacuum Presses and Thermofoil presses and machines. The Thermofoil vacuum press offers a level of production that is incomparable to any other vacuum press. Using materials designed for high temperature Thermofoiling and laminating.

We offer our line of professional wood laminating adhesives, veneering adhesives, and a veneer softener for conditioning veneer before assembly. We also offer a full line of in-stock and custom Vinyl and Polyurethane vacuum bags for woodworking, wood forming and veneering.