Veneer Softener


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PRO-GLUE WOOD VENEER SOFTENER is a ready-to-use veneer softener that has been specifically formulated to aid in veneer conditioning to flatten buckled or warped, straight grain, crotch and burl wood veneers.  PRO-GLUE Wood Softener makes veneer more workable, flexible and easier to work with.  Working with dry or fragile veneers is a challenging undertaking and good results are unpredictable and very hard to control.  Pro-Glue Wood Veneer Softener is premixed w/sprayer, and will ensure that your wood veneer will become more pliable, easier to assemble, press and finish.

Size/Price Options:

  • 16 oz. with trigger sprayer  $16 each
  • 1 QT. with trigger sprayer  $24 each
  • 1 Gallon:  $50 each
  • 5 Gallon pail:  $180 each


  • Conditioning wood veneers prior to vacuum laminating


  • For use on raw wood veneers
  • Spray-on or brush-on application (spray attachment included)
  • Softens and flattens brittle, buckled or warped wood veneers
  • Equally effective on exotic, domestic, burls and crotch veneers
  • No odors

Veneer Softener – MSDS