FT 600, FT 900 & FT 1200 Series Vacuum Presses



In today’s competitive environment where familiar phrases like “doing more with less” or “right sizing” seem to be the status quo, it’s nice to know that high production and affordability coexist in one machine.  Vac-u-Clamp’s FT-600, FT-900 & FT-1200 Thermo Foil presses embody the very concept of saving you money while putting high production & production control at your finger tips.  Where other companies may charge up to $100,000 or more for high production, Vac-u-Clamp’s  FT Series starts at approximately one third of that price and fully equipped, it can easily meet a tough production demand schedule for 1000 to 5000 parts per week.  Be it small cabinet doors for kitchen remodels or large 4×8 barn door sliders for the living area, the FT’s can meet the production demand you have, provide the quality your customer expects and at the price you can be comfortable with.

Constructed of high strength aluminum & steel at our Oceanside, California facility, the FT Series comes in three different sizes.

  • The FT-600 is our entry level low production model that is built with affordability in mind.  Nimble but powerful, it’s about 1/3 smaller, cheaper and in production output than it’s big brother the FT-900,  Great for smaller operations just getting started or that have a mix of high and mid-range remodels on their books.
  • The FT-900 is our medium production model and flagship thermo foil press.  Small in foot print but large on output, the FT-900 is easily capable of finishing 1000 parts per week.  Built with the single operator in mind, this design has an automated hinge style lifting top that actuates with a touch of a button and is imitated by many, including our friends in Orange County that import cheap Chinese knock offs and say they are manufactured in the US.
  • The FT-1200 is our high production platform that can produce 2 to 3 times what other models can, with a slightly bigger footprint and a unique dual table design.  The “shuttle” design allows one operator to prepare and load a table with parts while the other operator carefully removes finished parts after the table has entered the heated portion of the press.  Output rated at 5000 parts per week equals maximum output with minimal manpower.

All of the FT’s come standard equipped with a 9″ digital touch screen for ultimate ease of control and operation, 20,000+ watts of heat for fast reliable heating capability for consistent quality in your part production and a state of the art, digital PLC control panel for safety, reliability and pre-set capability to store favorite film preheat times, draw down durations and other heat recipes when programming for different types of thermo films.

Available in 220/240 VAC or 440/460/480 VAC 3 phase Power options and all electrical components are UL, CSA or CE listed, approved or certified.

Thermo Foiling is a growing market trend as solid wood prices rise and become more scarce to source, many remodel professionals are using thermo foil to join with MDF for a cost effective, quality look with many colors to choose from.  We can train you on site if you purchase a new machine from us.  We are experts on thermo foil and we’ll even train you on how to do a six sided, full wrap on full size doors using our proprietary recipe of heat, adhesive & time.