Vacuum Presses

Our full line of vacuum presses range from the “S/P” Series Vacuum Presses, which is our smallest vacuum press. Next is our mid-sized Cold Vacuum Press, which includes our “F” Series flip top vacuum presses. These are ideal for woodworking, wood forming and wood veneering.

Last we have our top of the line Heated/Cold Vacuum Presses and Thermofoil presses and machines. The Thermofoil vacuum press offers a level of production that is incomparable to any other vacuum press. Using materials designed for high temperature Thermofoiling and laminating.

We also offer a line of professional wood laminating adhesives, veneering adhesives, and a veneer softener for conditioning veneer before assembly. We also offer a full line of in-stock and custom Vinyl and Polyurethane vacuum bags for woodworking, wood forming and veneering.