A Letter from the President

I’d like to introduce myself to you as the new President and CEO of Vac-u-Clamp (a Macow Pacific subsidiary).  I am very excited to be leading such a great company into the future and I look forward to collaborating with our customers to leverage new opportunities, to magnify our value solutions and innovation and grow with the vacuum forming & press industry.

Firstly, I would like to thank our employees, customers and our suppliers who have gone above & beyond in supporting us through the events happening in our communities & the world that have changed our daily life.  Through it all, we have had to make some tough decisions and all of us have had to sacrifice.  But we are fortunate to have great talent and we have fulfilled our roles & responsibilities, maintaining positive attitudes in these trialing times.  We look forward to better days in 2021 when we can hopefully control better the COVID crisis.

Taking over Vac-u-Clamp earlier this year in January was an exciting but daunting task at the onset & amid the uncertainty of COVID.  Ironically it has increased my enthusiasm to fight adversity and for the spirit of American business and the value it brings to organizations, people and families all over the US of A.

Born in Los Angeles, California, I learned at a young age that to excel in any endeavor would take study, practice and precision.  “You won’t have to look too far to see someone faster than you” my dad would say.  Since college, I’ve been working in the engineering & manufacturing field and as a sales professional, distributor manager for over 20 years at both the local and national levels, most recently at Fortune 500 companies such as Hach, Rust Engineering and Flowserve.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk with many customers, partners, directors, employees and other stakeholders and collectively our conversations have taught me countless lessons in business, management and sales.  As I see it we have two main goals: supporting the professionals performing the work in our core markets (lifetime learning) and providing “better business solutions/outcomes” to corporations, sole proprietors, organizations and government agencies through our experience & technology.

And so as I settle and learn about the current status of ongoing projects and future landscapes, I wanted to share my thoughts and goals about the future of Vac-u-Clamp.  We have so many great people and so many opportunities to grow & maintain our position as the predominate vacuum press manufacturing company in America.  I want to engage you, the customer to work collaboratively to grow the number of “wins” we seek, increase the probability & profitability of our projects and put controls back in your hands as the manager of your work.

Very sincere regards,

Mark R. Cowdell, President