VacuClamp Delivers FPC-1000 to Jet Manufacturer

In 2013, VacuClamp was honored to receive a purchase order from private, custom jet manufacturer Dassault Falcon Jet.  We engineered, manufactured and ultimately delivered the FT800M, a heated membrane press that assisted the client with the successful forming and veneering of parts for aircraft manufacturing.  That press is still operation today however newer planes require newer & larger parts and as a result, in 2022 DFJ placed another order for a bigger version of the same press namely the FPC-1000. This press was designed to handle much larger and taller DFJ aircraft parts and was successfully delivered to the customer in July of this year. Equipped with a silicon membrane and a fully programmable press interface, the customer is now preparing for the large scale production of parts for their high end private jet operations. We appreciate working with the DFJ team of engineers and procurement personnel and are grateful for the long term repeat customer relationship we have with DFJ.