Vacuum Pump Oil


Vacuum Pump Oil for Routine Maintenance

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Your vacuum press has been designed with vacuum pumps that range in capacity from 14 to 76 cfm or more.  Each pump requires oil rated at design viscosity.   See the information below for guidance on which oil your pump needs.  Generally, most FT900’s have 31 to 51 cfm pumps; FT1200’s have 76 cfm pumps and most SP Series have 14 to 31 cfm pumps.  To make proper identification, check your press vacuum pump model number. 

Keeping your pump oil filled to the middle of the sight glass will ensure long and effective pump operation.  Standard oil should be changed every 6 months (or 500 hours of operation) or when oil darkens.

Pump Model Numbers

RVL020H – Oil BV32 – ISO VG32 

RVL031H – Oil BV68 – ISO VG68

RVL051H – Oil BV68 – ISO VG68

RVL076H – Oil BV100 – ISO VG100