Nylon Breather Netting – 4 x 10 Sheet


Rugged Nylon Breather Netting – 4 x 10 Sheet


A 4’x 10′ sheet of robust nylon netting is the perfect material for a breather “fabric” in your vacuum processing.  Will last for years.  Use this fabric to prevent the vacuum from sealing the perimeter of your part insuring equal pressure over your parts entire surface.

Uneven pressure can cause the adhesive to be pushed to the center of your part creating an uneven surface or bubbles under the veneer.

Breather netting pattern can be transferred to part, use with caution.

A protective sheet or layer of plastic between the part and the netting may be used to prevent “squeeze out” from oozing onto the netting.  A bed sheet or painter polyethylene drop cloth is the recommended material.