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The SP Series Vacuum Press


Operational Overview: The S/P Series Press is a very versatile vacuum press, excellent for any vacuum laminating,vacuum forming or veneer laminating application. Designed for the woodworking shop on a budget, yet needing a durable, quality vacuum press for high production goals, the S/P Series Vacuum Press is not only an excellent veneer press, but also delivers superior results for wood forming and wood laminating most vacuum press compatible materials. The oil-cooled vacuum pump, which operates at 10 CFM, delivering a near absolute vacuum, is one reason the S/P Series Vacuum Press is such a superior veneer laminating press. Overall, the S/P Series Vacuum press is a true workhorse for any woodworking application suited to vacuum laminating wood and other materials.  


  • Veneer laminating
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Vacuum Laminating
  • Wood forming
  • Wood veneering
  • Wood laminating


Available in 2 Stock Sizes :

  • SP-4300 3’x4’; (Inside working space 39”x51”)
  • SP-8400 4’x8’; (Inside working space 51”x99”)

Custom sizes and membrane heights are available.

Features that set the SP Series Vacuum Press apart

  • The platens, made of 3/4” mdf laminated and edge banded on four sides, are permanently mounted to a 2” square, heavy duty frame that is welded with supporting cross bars and powder coated for extra durability.
  • The standard membrane is 2mm (.080) silicone,  .030 polyurethane is optional.
  • The top frame is our exclusive 2” aluminum extrusion, and is assisted in lifting with a matched set of air springs.
  • German made 10 CFM oil cooled rotary vane vacuum pump producing 29" Hg... near absolute vacuum
  • casters standard
  • lower shelf standard
  • auxiliary vacuum port standard
  • unique sealing gasket tested for over 1000 cycles with no loss of compression or sealing ability
  • shipped completely set up and tested... no assembly required



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Exclusively ours, the newly designed “air path” mesh top. The air being evacuated flows both above and below the mesh for the quick and complete development of vacuum. “Squeeze out” easily peels off and the mesh is easily and economically replaceable

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Correctly balanced air springs aid the lifting of the frame top and hold it open until your work pieces are in place, and you’re ready to draw down the vacuum.

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