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  • Typical cycle time 5 1/2-7 minutes averaging 7-8 cycles per hour. Conservative hourly production with 18 parts per cycle 126 parts/hr; 1,000 parts/day; 5,000 parts/week

  • Table size: 123" X 52"
  • Table Configuration: 2 tables, when one table is in the press oven the other table is being loaded or unloaded
  •  Table entry and exit is completely automatic and powered by a CNC type gear driven stepper motor 
  • Zinc plated steel platen, easily removable for cleaning if necessary Power 460/480 VAC. 37AMPS
  • Heaters: 24-1000 watts quartz infrared type
  • Easy Access Table 36" high
  • Construction in tig welded aluminum tubing covered with 18GA steel covers that have been powder coated for durability
  • Automatic film pressure bar opening/closing connected to a safety circuit that prevents table movement if bar is not completely closed
  • Automatic high pressure cooling air on tables exit from oven
  • Tempered glass viewing window with 300 watt interior halogen light
  • 45CFM vacuum pump producing near absolute vacuum connected to a 30 gal. ASME certified vacuum reserve tank for rapid evacuation and decrease of cycle time
  • 3,000 PSI vacuum lines
  • Infrared thermo couple for accurate reading of the film temperature
  • Front mounted controls via color touch screen and PLC control system with 5 storage bays for different film type programs
  • Remote access through built in remote wireless modem
  • 12 month warranty
  • Overnight parts availability
  • 100% Made in the USA
  •  All components are either UL, CSA and CE approved, listed or certified
  • 6 tier film rack available



Lamination detail-P1020024 (3).jpgGENERAL SPECIFICATIONS

  • Typical cycle time: 6 1/2-8 minutes depending on film thickness and color and if you are using pre-glued film or wet adhesive, pre-glued is much faster
  • Clam Shell Type
  • Table Size: 52”x105” to handle full length 8’ panels and wrap all 4 sides
  • Zinc Plated Steel Platen, Removable for Easy Cleaning When Required
  • Power: 240vac, 3 Phase (460/480 vac available)
  • 62 amps at 240vac, 3 phase. (34 amps at 460vac available)
  • Heaters: Quartz infrared 24000 Watts
  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI, 10 CFM
  • Easy Access Table: 36” High Including 4” Casters (we recommend casters be removed for easier access to parts)
  • Construction: Welded Aluminum Base & Top, Powder Coated 18ga Steel Covering Panels
  • PLC controls w/color touch screen, pre-programmed with 5 storage bays for other programs
  • Tempered Glass Viewing Window W/Interior Lighting
  • Front Mounted Controls: color touch screen
  • 17CFM, 1 Atmosphere Oil Cooled Vacuum Pump (1Bar)
  • 30 Gallon Reserve Tank
  • 3000PSI Vacuum Plumbing Lines
  • Automatic Top Lift With 2-3” Rear Mounted Air Pistons
  • Infrared thermo couple for accurate reading of film temperature
  • 12 month Warranty
  • Over Night Parts Availability
  • Shipped Fully Crated, FOB Factory, Oceanside, CA
  • In stock
  • Completely Made in the USA
  • All components are either UL, CSA or CE approved, certified or listed
  • 6 tier film roll around film rack available



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