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Vacuum laminating and vacuum forming using a single mold
• furniture components
• interior finishing and fit out         components, cabinetry



Wrapping profiles and paneling





 Forming of 2D & 3D thermoplastic materials



Soft Forming - veneering of raised door panels and suitcase fronts




Veneering & Laminating:
Veneer application/most material to shaped elements




Foil Laminating of shaped boards and various materials


The FP/C Series - Hot/Cold
Vacuum Presses

Operational Overview: The FP/C Series “Hot Press” or Heated Vacuum Presses are designed to provide exceptionally fast curing of Urea wood adhesives, PVA adhesives and other wood glues and wood laminating adhesives designed to be cured with heat. This makes these Hot Presses extremely efficient for companies employing vacuum thermoforming, vacuum laminating or vacuum veneering technology. Overall, the FPC is an ideal veneer press. The “Hot Press” feature also makes this vacuum press an ideal  hot forming or thermoforming press for certain plastics, such as polycarbonates and acrylics, as well as the curing of certain materials that require heated vacuum presses, such as carbon fibers, etc.  The FP/C Hot Vacuum Presses use the direct heating principal, generated by quartz heating elements evenly placed to create more even heat distribution, avoiding ³hot² spots caused by heating elements placed too close to the work piece. Another plus is a faster “heat up” time which increases production.  Curing time can be reduced by as much as 90% depending on several  factors such as the size, thickness and shape of the work piece.

The FP/C Series can be used as a cold vacuum press, as well, so it is truly an all around, versatile vacuum forming, vacuum veneering, thermoforming press.


  • Vacuum Forming
  • Plastics forming
  • Plastics veneering
  • Foil laminating
  • Wood forming
  • Wood veneering
  • Wood laminating
  • Thermoforming of heat-compatible materials
  • Laminating of heat-compatible materials


Available Sizes:

Model FP/C 8400 - 4’ X  8’
Working dimensions: 50” X 103”
 interior height 14”

Model FP/C 10500- 5’ X 10’
Working dimensions: 63” X 123”
 interior height 14”

Custom Sizes Available - Call 888-342-8262

Standard Features:

  • Platen: 3/4" phenolic
  • Membrane: .0625 (1.5mm) silicone, elongation 9 -10x
  • Construction: 1/4” and 5/16” aluminum tube deep welded and powder coated
  • Heating type: quartz heating tubes
  • Temperature controls: solid state, digital read out, pre-set at the factory but are field adjustable within a fairly narrow range without changing the temperature controlling thermocouple,  automatic temperature control w/ solid state, high voltage relays and  protective fusing
  • Vacuum: Gardener/Denver 16 cfm, oil cooled rotary vane generating 29.9” hg (absolute vacuum) running “full time”
  • Vacuum reserve: 30 gal, ASME cert. reserve vacuum  tank w/1” electronically controlled dump valve allowing complete  evacuation of the membrane in less than 3 secs 
  • Vacuum pump protection: solid state, resettable and adjustable motor overload protection
  • Casters: standard equipment
  • Air requirement: 100 psi @ 10 cfm
  • Power requirement: available 208, 230/240, 360/380, 460/480 3 phase
  • Gasket: 1/2” x 2” unique, closed cell material tested to 1000 cycles with fast, full recovery
  • Field replacement: both membrane and gasket are field replaceable with our exclusive (pat. applied for) membrane frame extrusion
  • Cover: stainless steel skin over 1”x 2” aluminum  skeleton w/ 1” insulation foam and covered with high temperature, foil  lined blanket keeping external heat transfer to an extreme minimum  maintaining internal temperature. Cover is hinged separately so the  press can used as a cold press if desired
  • Membrane frame lockdowns: custom made, case hardened adjustable frame locking clamps
  • Platen height: 36”



Vacuum pump, motor overload protection module and temperature controller with easily accessible heating element fuse protection conveniently located behind front sliding cover.

Digital heating control and vacuum pump and flow controls.


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