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is a company dedicated to engineering and producing the highest quality, vacuum driven products designed especially for the woodworking professional and serious non-professional. We started out about 30 years ago, in a production furniture environment, and have progressed through almost all stages of woodworking, learning a little at each stop. For years we often discovered a need for that "special" tool or fixture that just wasn't available unless we made it ourselves. After a while we realized that it was more fun creating tools that really provided a solution than it would building case goods and so, about 6 years ago, we discontinued all furniture production to concentrate on making new tools and refining many of the tools that had been used every day in the factory and offering them to the trade.

The decision was made early to limit the section of products to tools powered by vacuum. It was and still my opinion, that vacuum, properly applied, can be the most effective energy source in any shop or factory. It's different than compressed air or electricity, energy sources that we're all familiar with, but once understood, it's applications are virtually limitless.

Today, we produce a broad line of vacuum laminating and forming products that are used in industries far beyond our original market of the professional and hobbyist woodworkers. Some of our most exciting applications are found in the aircraft, custom yachts, signage and education areas, all with unique usage requirements, requiring working closely with our customers product designers and engineers just to name a few. Today, you can find our produsts in over 23 countries from North and Central America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The future for us is to continue just as we are, creating new products that answer a need, make you're job easier and enable you to do things that you otherwise couldn't do, all at a price that you can afford.

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